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Suffering with Exam Stress?

This time of year can be stressful and anxious months for those people taking exams. Often the stress can lead to sleepless nights, loss of appetite and heightened anxiety, none of which are conducive to sitting exams! This stress can leave people feeling exhausted and low in mood, so what can be done to help?

Whether you're the one sitting the exams, or you are the parents of children going through exam stress, here are some great tips that can be easily implemented to help relieve the stress and maximise chances of success.

Eating properly during exam time is VERY important and eating the RIGHT foods will help keep you focused, alert and your brain functioning properly. Just like every other cell and organ in your body, your brain needs the right nutrients to function optimally and during exam season when you want your brain to work hard, you need to keep it fed properly if it's going to get those answers right!!


WHOLEGRAIN FOODS – Eating whole grain foods will help improve energy levels and keep you going for a bit longer. Wholegrain foods include brown rice, barley, oats, quinoa and brown pasta and these are also low GI foods so keep blood sugar levels stable which also help stabilise mood and help prevent a sudden slump in energy levels. Wholegrain foods also help increase Serotonin levels in the body, which is the hormone that makes us feel happier and improves mood. Eating a wholegrain based food before an exam is a good idea!

TYROSINE - Foods containing Tyrosine which is an amino acid (a building block of proteins) has been shown to improve alertness and energy levels so is great to consume before an exam as it will help keep you firing on all cylinders!! Foods high in Tyrosine include eggs, pork, cottage cheese, chicken, avocados, peanuts, bananas and pumpkin seeds. Try and have a breakfast that involves these foods if possible, especially if your exams are in the morning, but avoid after 5pm as they can keep you awake too.

ZINC – Zinc has been found in many studies to be critical for brain power, enhanced memory and thinking skills, so is vital to have in the diet especially during exam time. So get filled up on high zinc foods including beef, lamb, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, spinach, dark chocolate and pulses. For the adults reading this, make sure you top up your zinc levels too as we also know that zinc deficiency is linked to memory loss in people with Alzheimer's!!!

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS – Found in oily fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, fresh tuna, anchovies and trout) as well as nuts and seeds, Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for improving brain power and mental clarity. A diet high in this has also been shown to improve IQ so make sure this is included regularly in your diet during exam time. We also know that many people suffering with depression, have low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids so eating more of it can help improve mood.

On a homeopathic level, there are many homeopathic remedies which can help alleviate a variety of exam related symptoms, but for most accurate and individualised homeopathic remedies to be prescribed an appointment is required. However there are two great remedies that can be used acutely during exam time which can helpful in reducing anxiety levels:

ARGENTIUM NITRATE in a strength of 6c or 30c – This remedy can be taken on an acute basis as and when anxiety is felt or if very anxious taking one-two tablets a day until symptoms subside can be helpful. It is indicated for anticipatory anxiety, fear, stage fright, panic attacks and palpitations caused by anxiety.

LYCOPODIUM in a strength of 6c or 30c – Helpful for anxiety which is felt in the stomach and effects the digestive system. So if your anxiety is making you want to rush to the toilet with diarrhoea this remedy can helpful. People often helped by this remedy can suffer with lack of confidence, have anxiety from mental stress and have a fear of failure. This remedy can be taken on an acute basis as and when anxiety is felt or if very anxious taking one-two tablets a day until symptoms subside.

Good luck and as I say to my students, 'If all else fails, THINK'!!!!