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The Nutrition Consultation

What is involved?

Prior to your consultation you will be sent a nutrition questionnaire that will ask you a range of questions about your health, diet, lifestyle and eating behaviours and food choices. You will also be sent a seven day food diary to complete. The information you provide in these forms will be reviewed by your nutritionist prior to your appointment and will assist in identifying the areas in your diet that need addressing and the health concerns you may have.

At your appointment your completed questionnaire and food diary will be discussed in detail and you will be able to discuss anything you are concerned about regarding your diet and health. Analysis of your food diary can help us to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current diet and eating habits, allowing suggestions and adaptions to be made that will ultimately improve your nutritional status. Your short and long term nutritional and health goals will also be analysed and from this information a personalised action plan that best suits your needs and goals can be designed. You are fully involved in this whole process which together allows us to design a nutritional action plan that is both achievable and sustainable for you. This action plan will incorporate advice, tips, nutritional recommendations, eating behaviour advice and food choice suggestions that are tailored to your individual requirements and that are based on current scientific research and recommendations. The action plan is there to guide you and help you implement nutritional and lifestyle changes into your daily routine which are all sustainable over the long term.

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Nutrition and Your Health
Healthy eating is associated with a reduced risk of many chronic health conditions including diabetes, stroke, many cancers and heart disease. Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels also has a big impact on reducing the prevalence of these conditions all of which are a leading cause of death. Prevention of these diseases through a healthy diet and lifestyle is far better than cure, and the first step of implementing dietary changes is by educating yourself on what foods are good and why they can help. This is something we can help you with!
The impact of stress on your diet and nutrition status
Let's face it, most of us lead stressful, busy lives and we rarely take time out to assess how our stressful lifestyles impact on our eating habits and thus our nutritional status. The answer is simple.....stress impacts us VERY negatively when it comes to eating! Research has shown that stress leads to a change in our normal eating behaviours, what we choose to eat and our weight, all of which have a further negative impact on our physical health such as impaired immunity, reduced energy levels not to mention our mood. Being aware of how stress impacts you and your eating and nutrition, will help you lead a healthier life and make healthier choices, so why not let a nutritionist help you?