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Vision Statement

quote-l To restore, preserve and promote health and wellness by natural means, treating the root cause of symptoms without masking them, thus allowing people to lead healthier lives and make healthier choices quote-r


I first became interested in Homeopathy and Nutrition when I was a fourteen. I had been suffering from head and abdominal migraine for two years and was on constant medication to control this. After this time I was referred to an integrated Health Clinic where I was seen by a Homeopath and Allergy tester, which offered the chance to find a route cause to my symptoms and not simply just mask them with medication.

My consultations with the Homeopath & Allergy tester, established that I had an intolerance to cow dairy products and was treated accordingly with the use of homeopathic medicine and dietary elimination of dairy products.

Within a week my migraines disappeared and I was able to come off the conventional medication that I had been taking for two years. After suffering from something so debilitating, and for so long, it was almost miraculous to be now migraine free after just a week. This was the start of my interest in Homeopathy, Nutrition & subsequently the natural health field.


Phillippa Newman

I have worked in private practice now for ten years, seeing patients of all ages with a variety of health, nutrition and general wellness problems and concerns. I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2003 after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Homeopathic Medicine. I later trained as an Allergy/ Intolerance tester after realising, from both personal experience and from my patients, the effect that food intolerances can have on health, wellness and in particular the effects these can have on the health of the digestive system.

In 2012 I gained my Masters degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science from the University of Chester which allowed me to expand on my nutritional knowledge, particularly in the areas of weight management, childhood obesity and digestive health. During this time I conducted research into the impact that stress has on peoples eating behaviors and food choice, the results of which I implement into my nutritional consultations. I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths and am also registered with the Association for Nutrition as an Associate Nutritionist, ensuring that I follow a strict code of conduct and have the appropriate qualifications to practice.

After completing my PGCE in 2007 I am also a qualified lecturer and teach Medical Health Sciences, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Biological Sciences and Complementary Medicine at local Universities & Colleges in the North West of England. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion and experience in subjects I feel so strongly about.

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A variety of ages can benefit from homeopathic treatment

I see a variety of patients in all of my clinics, men and women, babies and the elderly all with acute or chronic medical and health conditions and sometimes people who just want to preserve their already good health through natural means.

The two main areas I specifically specialise in are Digestive disorders and Hormonal problems.  I work with many people who have a range of digestive health concerns including IBS symptoms, reflux, bowel irregularities, Crohn's disease and colitis,  as well as working with women with a range of hormonal problems including PMT, menopausal symptoms and conceiving difficulties. I have also conducted research in the area of homeopathic medication use in pregnancy and labour and compared its safety and effectiveness to conventional medication.

I also give small talks and run workshops in the local area on Homeopathy and Nutrition and have worked with midwives and pregnant women giving advice on homeopathic treatment for common ailments seen in pregnancy. I have also worked with terminally ill cancer patients who have chosen Homeopathy to help combat the side effects caused by the use of strong cancer drugs or treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.