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What can Homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy treats the individual not just  the symptoms

Homeopathic treatment is individualised and places focus on the whole person rather than just treating symptoms or 'disease labels'. So for example two people suffering arthritis would be unlikely to receive the same homeopathic remedy because although they both have arthritis, their symptoms may exhibit differently and their character, lifestyle, anxiety levels, diet etc would be totally different. Each case is therefore carefully considered and treatment is specific to that person.

Through this process, I have successfully treated a wide range of different ailments in clinic in people of all ages. Homeopathy can be beneficial in both chronic and acute health problems even in some cases where other treatments may have been unsuccessful.

In homeopathic treatment we aim to treat the root cause of a problem and not just mask symptoms, with the ultimate aim being total alleviation of symptoms rather than just symptomatic relief. Please scroll down this page to see common conditions which are often seen in clinic and which people seek homeopathy.


quote-l Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and the complete medical science quote-r

(Mahatma Gandhi)
who seeks homeopathic treatment?
According to one research study, approximately 100 million Europeans now use homeopathic medicines (Sarsina & Iseppato, 2010). One reason for its popularity is that people increasingly want a holistic and patient-centred from of medicine which homeopathy can offer. Common complaints which people often seek homeopathic treatment for  include:
•  Skin problems e.g. eczema
•  Hormonal complaints, e.g. menopause
•  Digestive problems e.g. IBS
•  Depression & Anxiety
•  Migraine /Headaches
•  Respiratory and sinus problems
homeopathy - Did you know?

Eczema is currently the most common referral to Homeopathy by NHS doctors. Other commonly treated complaints are chronic fatigue, menopausal disorder and osteoarthritis

The World Health Organization has stated that Homeopathy is the second leading system of medicine for primary health care in the world

There has been a 60% growth in the Homeopathic market in Europe over 10 years

Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of Homeopathy published in top medical journals, have reported positive effects in the following conditions: allergies and upper respiratory tract infections; childhood diarrhoea; rheumatic disease; seasonal allergic rhinitis; vertigo; fibromyalgia; osteoarthritis and sinusitis

One of the expressed reasons for the popularity of Homeopathy among patients is that it does not have the side effects associated with many conventional drugs