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Homeopathic Treatment of PMT

It is estimated that 85% of menstruating women suffer from at least one symptom of PMT every month (Womenshealth.gov, 2013), with some women suffering chronic symptoms that can be very debilitating and disrupt daily life.


Current conventional treatment strategies for PMT mainly consist of suppression of the hormonal cycle, or treatment of individual and specific isolated PMT symptoms which is not a long term solution.

So rather than going through every month dreading the changes that these raging hormones have on your body and hiding under the blanket with a bar of chocolate feeling sorry for yourself, is there something else you could be doing?

Well according to a recent research study published in The Homeopathy Journal th,e answer is yes! This research looked at the effectiveness of Homeopathy in treating common PMT symptoms including irritability, breast pain, weight gain, abdominal bloating, back pain, aggression and skin symptoms such as spots. The results of the study showed that homeopathic medicines significantly decreased the intensity of all the PMT symptoms except back pain and that these improvements in PMT symptoms were still maintained after a 6 month follow up period. 91.3% of the women who took part in the study stated at their 6 month follow up, since taking the homeopathic intervention, that PMT was no longer a significant problem in their daily life and that the quality of their life had also been improved since starting homeopathic treatment.

Although more research needs to be conducted on larger patient numbers, the conclusion of the study suggests that the use of Homeopathic Medicines in the treatment of PMT symptoms could be an effective treatment option and offer an alternative to conventional medication in some people.